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that sort of thing. 14. This devil, whom they called Ngoma, appeared to correspond more to the Christian i

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dea of the devil than is often the case with the deities of savage tribes. The Kikuyu were monotheists, rega

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rding Ngai as a benevolent deity, from whom all benefits came, and to whom they offered sacrifices and paid

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    homage, with a view to favours to come; while Ngoma, on the other hand, was a deity who brought only evil and disaster upon them, and to whom they offered no sacrifices and paid no homage, wherein they would appear to be a good deal mor

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    e like consistent Christians should be than the majority of the modern professors of that faith, including a good many native clergy, who, in spite of their orders and profession of Christianity, still practise in secret the heathen rit

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es and superstitions of their ancestors. The Kikuyu are also firm believers in a future life, tho

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ugh possibly from a somewhat materialistic point of view. Their belief is that their “heaven” is

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situated under the earth, while the abode of Ngoma is above it, and that when they die their spir

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it goes to the world below, where they will lead a similar life to that which they have left on earth, possessing the same herds of sheep, cattle, and goats as they then

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had, and being joined again by their wives as they die. It was pretty late in the

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    afternoon when we left the camp to return to Wagombi’s, after seeing that all the others had started for their homes. I prolonged my stay at Wagombi’s for some time, and cont

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    inued to trade in ivory, which, as I have said, I bought at a very cheap rate. I happened to have the right sort of trade goods, and the natives were very anxious to deal. I reme

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    mber that they took a particular liking for one special fancy cloth that I had, and there was quite a run on it. It was a very gaudy material, in a variety of colours, and after

  • they had wrapped a piece loosely round them, they would run about like children, being delighted to see it fluttering in the wind as i

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  • t streamed behind them like a huge blanket. I was told that some natives living more down towards the coast had quite a lot of ivory,

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  • clean off his head. They
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